A Calming Atmosphere

For the most part I like to stay at home and relax rather than go out and tear up the town. Occasionally though I like to go out with escorts in Sheffield and have a couple of drinks down at my favorite pub. Most of my friends think I am a hermit, but honestly I just love the feeling of being in my own home and on my own piece of land. It is as quiet as I make it and no one is there to bother me if I feel like having a little personal time. When I was younger I would always find myself reading a book on the front porch or swimming in our little pond rather than joining the other kids for a trip to the lake. Many would hate my lifestyle, but I find it calming and beautiful.

My Mother Does What?

My mother never went out a lot. She was a bit of a homebody, but a few weeks ago she started talking about how dull her life was. She started talking about finding a hobby to fill her time. My mother started going out after dinner, and I figured she was taking a cake decorating class. Then, she started arriving home later and later and sometimes not at all.

I decided to follow her one night. I followed her to a ritzy hotel where I saw her with a man. I figured she had a boyfriend. I followed her again the next night, and she was with a different man. I waited up for her to get home that night. I questioned how many boyfriends she had, and she told me none. I called her a liar until she explained she explained that she works for fetish escorts London.

First Vacation Ever

There are so many things to do in the York area. It’s my first time here and I have to say I am not in the least bit dissapointed with what they have to offer. I noticed a variety of “fun” business’s like spa houses, gyms and Sheffield escorts. I know I will end up visiting all of these places before my time is up here, I just need to figure out where to go first. Since this is not only my first time here, but my first vacation, I am a little out of the loop on what to do. Everything seems a little overwhelming at the moment. I really should have planned things out better before I left home, because now I am left standing confused. I guess the best I can do is wing the whole trip and hope everything pieces together perfectly, just like I had hoped.

So Many Decisions

I am getting married next week and I am really starting to rethink the whole ordeal. I don’t feel that I am ready to take the next step in life and make this big of a commitment. It just seems to crazy. I used to be a single man, a no strings attachedĀ fuck buddy man and one of the funnest guys around until I got with my fiance. I love her a lot it’s just that I miss my old life and how simple it was. Now is the time where I do need to make adult decisions, but I don’t know if this decision is one I am ready to make just yet. I know it would kill her if I called it off so I really need to sit down and rack my brain about what I am going to do. If I cancel the wedding, I also kill off our relationship completely.


I took my girlfriend to a local metropark by my home a couple weeks ago so we could spend some time with each other. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together so I told her that I would take care of every thing that we would need for the day.

They have a picnic area so I packed a cooler with drinks, sandwiches and snacks to munch on. We arrived and did the mile and a half trail to get it over and done with, last time we ended up walking in the dark. When we were hungry we decided to eat by the stream because it was a beautiful view. She looked over at me and told me that she wanted to go home and make a live sex video. This was a shocker to me because she is so private. We packed up, went home and made our video!